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"Kate has come into my life during a turbulent period, on the back of two big traumas and now the menopause!  I see her regularly, monthly, she helps to restore my balance, both emotional and physical.  She has a lovely manner, friendly, kind, caring, she listens and genuinely wants to help.  Acupuncture has done wonders for me, restoring my emotional balance as well as relieving physical niggles.  I know now, that I will always have acupuncture in my life, for my monthly tune up!  I highly recommend Kate, try it, you might surprise yourself!"


"Kate is fantastic - I've been seeing her for a few months and over that time she's helped me immensely, not only with the migraines, headaches and mental health issues I originally went to see her about, but with all aspects of my general health, diet, lifestyle and happiness. At first I was not entirely convinced that acupuncture could help but was willing to give it a try, and I'm so glad I did - I find her holistic approach and the way she sees and explains all my symptoms as connected, is so much more helpful than the traditional western approach to medicine which was leaving me feeling frustrated and ignored, and as if I was imagining or wrongly concerned by my symptoms.  Kate is so friendly and caring, always makes me feel at ease and always goes the extra mile to make sure she helps me as much as she can. Since starting to see her my energy levels have increased, my understanding of my health has grown massively, and I feel like I've slowly been getting my life and health back on track. Most importantly she gives me hope that I can feel better and empowers me to help myself alongside the acupuncture. I always look forward to my treatments with her and leave feeling heard, relaxed and motivated."


"I started being treated with acupuncture whilst I was having treatment for breast cancer four years ago.  I found it helped with side-effects as well as anxiety.  I have been seeing Kate for a few months now.  She has treated me, in particular, for menopausal hot flushes.  The treatment for this is amazing and I have found the results to be very quick - I am now sleeping well and not having constant sweats.  I also suffer from neuropathy in my toes, brought on by chemo, and since having treatment my symptoms have improved and my energy levels have increased.  I am able to manage my anxiety and stress levels.  The times between treatments are gradually being extended, but I know that Kate will see me at short notice should I experience a flare up.  During treatment, Kate is totally focused, she listens carefully and poses thoughtful questions.  She has a lot of empathy and I always feel she really hears me and understands what I am feeling."


"I have been a long-term sufferer from irritable bowel syndrome, and in recent years have also suffered from insomnia and stress.  I decided to try acupuncture to see if it would help with these problems.  I had a course of treatment with Kate, and found her to be very caring in her approach.  She took time to ask about my symptoms and how they affected me, and explained in detail the way that she would treat me.  I found this to be very reassuring and the treatment was painless.  Her treatment certainly helped to relax me and in particular reduced my insomnia.  It also helped settle my IBS when I had flare ups of the condition."


"Kate treated me with acupuncture in the summer of 2017 for an extremely stiff neck and tight shoulders, which I had been living with for months, partly due to stress and compounded by an injury.  The relief I got from treatment was enormous!  I was able to turn my head to look over my shoulder when driving, something that I wouldn't have even attempted before, and my shoulders felt so loose and relaxed.  I found acupuncture with Kate to be so relaxing and the relief has been magic!!"


"I consulted Kate as I'd been having problems with a painful right arm, being a keen golfer this did become a problem, along with struggling with everyday activities.  I also had ongoing problems with my back, being a particular nuisance when gardening. Kate was calm and reassuring, the treatment was painless and I certainly felt the benefit.  I had several sessions and each time Kate was very professional and reassuring.  I am now back playing golf with no problems and my back has improved, though I would have no hesitation going back for “top-up” treatment.  I would have no reservations in recommending Kate to my friends."


"I had a terrible migraine following a seizure during really hot weather.  I went for an acupuncture treatment with Kate and the pain and lights got a lot better.  I slept really well that night and have regular acupuncture to help keep the symptoms in check. Kate is very professional, understanding and caring.  I found the needles very relaxing and pain free."


"I met Kate following a year of treatment for mediastinal lymphoma, which involved both chemo and radiotherapy, resulting in my being in remission but leaving me with a number of side-effects.  Chiefly: pain and pressure to the chest, the odd sensation of something permanently lodged in my throat, dry mouth, and extreme temperature swings which affected my sleep.  I discussed the side-effects with Kate who felt that she would be able to help alleviate the symptoms.  I found Kate to be very warm and understanding of my situation as well as having a great sense of humour.  Her treatment has hugely improved the quality of my life and I have continued with treatment for the purpose of maintenance.  I would not hesitate to recommend Kate and her treatment to anyone."


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